Latest News - Message from the President of the SJACS Old Boys Association (Toronto)

Dear Fellow Josephians in Ontario:
For those who might not have attended the dinner gathering on August 22 (Sunday) and also those who may not be aware due to short notice, I am writing to advise that Matthias Li (SJACS '72), a former Treasurer of the Toronto Alumni Association had returned home on business, taking the occasion to report directly to us on the progress and planning of the Alumni's work in the Rev. Brother Paul Sun Education Foundation ("Foundation") as well as the status of the new School premises.
The Foundation, in loving memory of our late Brother Paul Sun, has been an independent initiative of the Josephian Association, an incorporated body of the Alumni of SJACS in Hong Kong ( The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, Josephians who are professionals and successful businessmen with excellent standing and reputation in the community. Matthias Li (SJACS '72) is one of the Trustees. (Please view profiles on
Many of us know Matthias, a founder and Life-time member of our Association in Toronto. A Chartered Accountant by profession, Matthias has since returned to Hong Kong to work as the Deputy Chief Executive and CFO of Ocean Park Corporation, Hong Kong. Whilst in Toronto, he served as our Treasurer, an appropriate capacity to bring the appeal to us now.  Currently, there are five (5) Trustees in the Foundation including himself: Andrew Li (SJACS '72), a lawyer and successful businessman who has taken up the task to spear-head the establishment of the Foundation, and also Alumni’s representative to the School Management Committee of SJACS; Peter Yeung (SJACS '75), Chairman of the Josephian Association Limited and a Senior Partner of law firm, Hau, Lau, Li & Yeung; Daniel Li (SJACS '72), successful businessman and Alumni's representative to the School Management Committee of SJACPS(Primary Section); and Man-Kin Ng (SJACS '81), a Notary Public and Senior Partner of law firm, Kwok, Ng & Chan in Hong Kong.  (See or  for details.)
The work of the Foundation has only just begun, Matthias advised. Aside from the initial commissioning of a life-sized statue of Rev. Brother Paul to be placed at the entrance of the new school building (with more than HKD250,000 already raised for the project), the Foundation has also commenced a Speakers Forum (2010-11) beginning in September, 2010, Matthias being the Chairman for the program. The first of four series, entitled "How to make it in Hong Kong and China", will be delivered by Dr. Allan Zeman, JP, at the charity dinner on September 29, 2010 at the Hong Kong Football Club. Matthias is aiming to raise some HKD600,000. With major sponsorships already in hand, the Forum is well on its way. Our further support will ensure its complete success.
Matthias further advised the School will be relocated to a new building sometime towards the end of the year. A visit to the new site has been made by two other Trustees just a day before his visit and reported good progress. School Management has advised that the new premises will need an additional HKD9 million to meet the needs of the School for new equipment and furnishes and hope that the Alumni will assist to raise a minimum of HKD1.5 million. To meet such funding target, the Foundation will continue to chart out various ways (e.g. coordinators gatherings, sales of souvenirs, and naming rights donations) and to appeal to all Alumni, in Hong Kong and overseas for donations.
Since the registration of the Foundation in November 2009 and the launching of the fund raising campaign, Alumni everywhere has been extremely enthusiastic. I am pleased to report that a sum of CAD760.00 (approx. HKD5,700) was presented to Matthias from the Brother Paul Sun Memorial Fund (in Toronto) in addition to the instant donations of HKD2,150 and    CAD200 respectively, two pledges of a total of HKD3,000 plus HKD500 and two seats of HKD5,600 to attend the First Speakers Forum.
The Trustees of the Foundation need our encouragement and full support, financial or otherwise.  This is the least we can do as a family, our Josephian Family. Please give generously in support of the Foundation to return what we have already got, very generously with unreserved love from our late Brother Paul and our Alma Mater. 
God bless!
St. Joseph, pray for us;
Rev. Brother Paul, watch over us.
Matthew Poon (SJACS '65)
President & Director
SJACS Ontario Alumni Association
in Toronto